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“Sit down and tell me how it’s making you feel”: that’s what most people expect from psychologist and what everybody assumes a Psychology degree implies. But it goes way beyond this cliché.
Psychology is a subdiscipline of Social Sciences, where you focus on everything related to the human psyche and how it’s affected by society, culture, and the contemporary era. And don't even get me started of how the subconscious affects our behaviour!

Combining old doctrines with current events, you will understand the ways in which history tends to repeat itself, why that girl in you class is mad at you, and that, generally, people are quite predictable.

Psychology has a multitude of subfields, such as:

• Clinical Psychology
• Cognitive and Perceptual Psychology
• Counselling
• Developmental Psychology (name drop: Freud!)
• Educational Psychology
• Experimental Psychology
• Forensic Psychology

Whatever specialisations you wish to follow, remember: even if neurotics build castles in the sky and psychotics live in them, at the end, psychologists collect the rent."

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Suggested Short Courses in Psychology

Short Course The Science of the Mind: Investigating Mental Health

To what extent can we understand mental wellbeing and treat mental health conditions such as depression and dementia by focusing on the brain and its functioning? The Science of the Mind: Investigating Mental Health module from The Open University UK presents and challenges the medical model of mental health with its reliance on drug treatment.

United Kingdom
Diploma Counselling and Psychology - UK

International Career Institute (ICI)’s Counselling and Psychology - UK course allows you to achieve a very rewarding career in a rapidly growing profession. You can find many opportunities to work in established institutions and companies as well as help people cope with personal and professional difficulties. We offer you a course developed and conducted by qualified professionals who are highly experienced and successful in the field.

United Kingdom
Diploma Applied Psychology and Counselling

How to become a counsellor? The Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling offered by Kelowna College of Professional Counselling provides a practical and affordable alternative to a four year degree.  Accelerated online courses spotlight the latest theories and techniques used by professional counsellors, so students are job-ready in one year.