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International Relations is a subject that has the added benefit of covering all possible topics imaginable. Politics, Linguistics, Economics, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Business, Law – every field under the sun, practically, connects to International Relations. International Relations is a broad degree programme concerning the social and political conditions of our increasingly globalising world.

International Relations students main concerns are how different political systems interact and what their impact is on a global scale.It’s no accident that several international diplomats, ambassadors, and presidents studied a university degree in International Relations.

Also, you’ll be paving the way for a future in International Politics, International Business, International Diplomacy, and International Law.

Students who graduate from a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree programme in International Relations find careers in:

• Government
• International Diplomacy
• Human Rights Advocacy
• International Law
• International Business Management

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Suggested Short Courses in International Relations

Short Course Soft Skill Toolkit

The Soft Skill Toolkit course offered by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam provides practical insights into communicating, presenting and promoting yourself professionally and teaches useful techniques to organize your research.

Certificate International Trade and Commerce, Financial Management Concentration

To grow and stay competitive in the global economy, business professionals in organizations of all sizes-from entrepreneurial companies to large corporations-must have a thorough understanding of the dynamics of international business with this International Trade and Commerce, Financial Management Concentration at UCLA Extension.

United States
Diploma or Adv. Dip. International Trade (Import – Export)

The International Trade (Import – Export) course at International Career Institute (ICI) gives you skills that you can put to immediate use. Whether you are expanding your business into the international market, starting a business or simply looking at working for an international trade company this course will quickly teach you the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the import – export trade.