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Area and Cultural Studies form an academic discipline that explores, analyses, and tries to better understand the community, culture, social life, and habits of people from specific geographic regions. The main specializations include Asian Studies, African Studies, Latin American Studies, European Studies, American Studies, and others.

Area and Cultural Studies examine all kinds of social aspects, from ideologies to religion, from social classes to ethnicity, from different generations to emigration trends, and everything in between.

The Area and Cultural Studies curriculum is different from one subdiscipline to another, but students generally approach subjects like Development Challenges, Globalisation, International Communities, Economic Growth, Local Culture, Local Politics, Language and Literature, Contemporary Society, etc.

Through these classes, students enrich their knowledge about other cultures and discover the similarities and differences between nations from various geographical areas. After understanding the struggles and perceptions of other people, future graduates are more likely to seek careers that allow them to have a positive contribution in the world.

Area and Cultural Studies graduates have high chances of becoming analysts of the society, sociologists, marketing specialists, teachers or lecturers, in the public or private environment.

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