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What are Iberian Studies?

Iberian Studies is a degree that explores the cultures, languages, histories, and societies of Spain and Portugal. The degree allows you to understand the two Iberian countries, it traces their vibrant traditions, literature, art, and identities.

    Iberian Studies specialisations

    The most common specialisations in Iberian Studies for Master's and Bachelor's degrees include:

    • Spanish Language and Literature;
    • Portuguese Language and Literature;
    • Iberian History and Culture;
    • Comparative Iberian Studies;
    • Iberian Linguistics.

    What will you learn during the Iberian Studies programme

    Enrolling in an Iberian Studies programme is a chance to dive deep into the rich culture of the Iberian Peninsula. During an Iberian Studies degree, you'll learn a range of skills you can use to excel in a career in Culture. If you're wondering why Iberian Studies is a good degree, here's what you'll gain:

    • proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese languages;
    • critical analysis skills;
    • a mindset for interdisciplinary approaches;
    • deep understanding of the literature, art, music, and traditions that shaped the Iberian Peninsula;

    Common courses include:

    • Advanced Spanish or Portuguese, where you perfect your language skills;
    • Iberian Literature, a chance to meet with the greatest Spanish and Portuguese writers;
    • Iberian History and Culture, about the major cultural and historical movements in the Iberian Peninsula;
    • Spanish Urban Studies, to understand the cultural life of Spanish cities;
    • Contemporary Issues, an exploration of today's cultural themes and concerns in the Iberian region.

    By combining language learning, critical analysis, and interdisciplinary approaches, you will gain a deep understanding of the Iberian Peninsula's cultural heritage. This degree will help you gain valuable skills and knowledge that you can use in many exciting careers.

    Skills required for a degree in Iberian Studies

    For an Iberian Studies degree, you need a blend of cultural awareness, critical thinking, and research skills. Having a good level of Spanish or Portuguese is also an essential Iberian Studies degree requirement, along with the ability to analyse and interpret historical, literary, and socio-political aspects of the Iberian Peninsula.

    What can you do with a Degree in Iberian Studies?

    Graduates with Bachelor's or Master's degrees in Iberian Studies can have diverse and rewarding career paths. Popular jobs include:

    • Language specialists;
    • Translators & Interpreters;
    • Cultural consultants;
    • International relations specialists;
    • Tour guides.

    Opportunities in academia, government agencies, cultural organisations, the tourism industry, publishing, and diplomatic services offer a fulfilling career in the field.

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