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Ethnic Studies is the critical examination of race, ethnicity, and group identity. It focuses on problems related to ethnicity, including cultural heritage, racism, institutionalised violence, land conquest, and discrimination.

Ethnic Studies aims to answer questions like: What is the origin of racism? How does discrimination affect ethnic minorities and the development of their communities? What measures can be taken to reduce the violence and inequality affecting these minorities?

Students can choose from multiple Ethnic Studies subdisciplines, like Indigenous Studies, Jewish Studies, Latino Studies, African Studies, and others.

Degrees in Ethnic Studies are especially popular in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The typical curriculum includes classes in Social Research, Youth and Activism, Education and Society, Social Problems, Human Rights, Global Justice Movements, Mapping Communities, etc.

People who enrol in Ethnic Studies stand against injustice and believe all human beings should be treated equally. They seek to inspire change and are energised by successful campaigns, programmes, and manifestations for ethical policies and laws.

Cultural and social aspects of certain ethnicities will help students find employment in the public and private sector, as sociologists, lecturers, journalists, community or housing developers or social workers.

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