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Human Resource Management

Suggested Short Courses in Human Resource Management

Certificate Human Resources Management

Develop a deep knowledge of human resources plus the business and influence skills to take you to the next level in your new HR management career. The Post-degree Certificate in Human Resources Management is offered at York University School of Continuing Studies and helps you to apply HR competencies through real-life scenarios in a practical, interactive, and engaging classroom environment.

Short Course Using Human Science Tools to Solve Business Problems

The Using Human Science Tools to Solve Business Problems course at Aarhus University is organized in close collaboration with and involvement of Novo Nordisk, the large Danish pharmaceutical company specializing in the treatment of diabetes, and especially ReD Associates, a Danish consultancy company specializing in the use of humanistic and social science perspectives in studies that underlie their advice on marketing and management to a range of international corporations.

AU Summer University
Short Course The Role of the Manager

This module is intended to prepare students for supervisory and managerial roles and, as such, deals with the core skills involved in management. These include delegation, managerial & leadership styles, motivation; chairing meetings, workplace counselling, staff development, identifying and managing conflict and negotiating skills. The module aims to help students identify how people become managers, what the role of the manager is and how to maximise their effectiveness in that role. Real-life examples are offered throughout, with the variations in styles of management and leadership required by different organisations and different cultures taken into consideration.


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Human Resource Management (HRM) deals with executing work processes in organsations, aiming to provide knowledge about employees’ selection through the recruitment process, training, rewarding and assessment. Human Resource Management degrees focuses on developing expertise and skills such as talent management, strategic alliances, time management, organizational culture, project and resource planning.

HRM Bachelor and Master degrees study labour law, communication in organisation, psychological testing and evaluation, organisational research methods, talent acquisition, training development, strategic HR management. Students will learn how to become highly organised and multitasking professionals, how to negociate and to communicate efficiently, how to be discrete and ethical thinkers. A successful human resources manager is a business partner and also a leader that must have the ability to put all the employees’ qualities in the service of the organisation.

Graduates can work as recruitment specialists, employment interviewers, employee benefits managers, training specialists, consultants, project managers. They also have to be able to identify the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities required in order for an organisation staff to achieve the objectives and determine the set of measures for their optimisation. Human Resources specialists need to become quick learners and to have knowledge about all the branches from the labour market.

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