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Business intelligence and analytics deals with the process of analysing business data and increasing performance within an organisation. Masters in Business Intelligence typically teach analytical techniques, software tools and applications, as well as managerial, financial and economic knowledge, used to draw relevant information from data and assist managers with making informed decisions towards strategic goals.

Universities, business colleges and professional bodies offer various online or on campus degrees, diplomas and certificates in business intelligence and analytics. Studies focus on fundamentals in business and IT, data mining, solutions for big data, market intelligence, web analytics, optimisation, statistics, risk management, among others. Graduates will gain a set of marketable skills ranging from basic learning of SQL (Structured Query Language) programming and other business intelligence specific software knowledge, to more managerial abilities such as the capacity to improve operational efficiency, increase financial performance and communicate strategic solutions.

Graduates can work as freelancers or as employees in both small businesses and corporations, in government agencies or in consultancy firms. Example roles include business intelligence manager, systems analyst, senior stats analyst, program developers, business analyst and optimisation (BAO) consultant, data manager, marketing analyst, and many more.

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Short Course Forensic Accounting Fraud Analytics

In the Forensic Accounting Fraud Analytics course at Aarhus University, we are going to learn how to use data analytics techniques including some data mining tools to identify irregularities, anomalies and potential fraud cases in accounting data. Data analytics, process of transforming input data into useful information through proper analytic tools, is relevant to all business professionals.