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If you’re not a people person, then you should look away. Quick! Before we fill your head with notions of peace and harmony between men. Social Sciences is the discipline that encompasses all studies that focus on the relationships between individuals, and on matters concerning society at large.

With subjects like Economics, Area & Cultural Studies, Communication Sciences, Psychology and Gender & Sexuality Studies, Social Sciences is a field in which theory is combined with research, so that old concepts and notions could be put in modern contexts and with contemporary applications.

Some of the best jobs a Social Sciences graduate can aspire to are:

• Management Consultant
• Investment Advisor
• Detective or Criminal Investigator
• Geospatial Analyst
• Urban Planner
• Employee Relations Specialist

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Suggested Short Courses in Social Sciences

Short Course Social Realities in Mexico

The 6-week course "Social Realities in Mexico" from Universidad Iberoamericana is an academic program meant to sharpen the students' awareness of the main development concerns and social challenges in Latin America. 

Short Course Culture Sensitive Design

Cultural sensitivity and understanding can stimulate the potential for innovation in new product and service design. This course will show you how! The Culture Sensitive Design programme is offered by the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

Short Online Course Air Safety Investigation

The Air Safety Investigation programme is offered by Delft University of Technology and will offer you knowledge in aerospace engineering, forensic science and terrorism & security. You will explore the challenges faced by investigators when trying to piece together the probable sequence of events. In fact, you'll learn to think and act as an air safety investigator.