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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) deals with the impact of organisational activities on society and the environment. Presently, corporate responsibility has become an extremely important factor influencing the development of companies, their profits and brand image. Socially responsible enterprises offer donations and support charitable activities, social actions, as well as degrees related to environmental studies. They also award grants and fellowships, providing support for disaster affected areas and other relief causes.

Universities and business schools offer various Master's degrees, specialisations and executive short courses in the corporate social responsibility. Some MBA (Master of Business Administration) programmes offer CSR concentrations, while other schools hold individual study courses on topics such as responsible management for sustainability, green management, social responsibility management, global market and ethical responsibility, and others.

Degrees in corporate social responsibility generally emphasise a multi-disciplinary approach on social, ethical and environmental issues. They aim to equip students with competencies including business knowledge, understanding of economic factors, as well as communication and leadership skills. Global awareness and risk management abilities are also highly valuable to corporate responsibility professionals.

Professionals in CSR practice in different work environments from non-profit organisations, to corporations to governmental bodies or consultancy firms. Career prospects include: strategic communicator, sustainability consultant, environmental and social risk manager, sustainability commercial director, corporate governance manager, senior ecologist, etc.

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Suggested Short Courses in Corporate Social Responsibility

Certificate Business Design for Social Impact

In this online certificate program in Business Design for Social Impact offered by The New School, students acquire skill in using design processes and other strategies to create and develop social innovative businesses or lead socially conscious initiatives within existing companies. 

United States
Certificate CSR Management

The Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) Summer School on CSR Management is designed to train you in the fields of business ethics, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility and to stimulate a discourse about current and future goals, challenges and most importantly about the social and economic opportunities that correspond with responsible and sustainable business conduct.

Short Course From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Social Innovation

EdX is an online learning platform trusted by over 12 million users offering the From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Social Innovation Certificate in collaboration with Babson College ‑ BabsonX. Based on real-world experiences from business leaders, learn how to develop and lead social innovation initiatives that create both economic and social value.

United States