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Retail management is a sub-discipline of the general field of management that deals with overseeing the distribution and selling of products directly to consumers, in specific vending points such as shops, chain stores, markets and malls. Retail managers are in charge of everyday operations within a retail store or department. They plan how merchandise is promoted, organise employees, handle customer service, and supervise inventories. Retail managers also have to understand client profiles and empathise with their needs in order to adjust product supply and to anticipate demand, in order to increase profits.

Retail management is closely related to others disciplines ranging from business and international business, marketing and logistics, to supply chain management, operations management, fashion merchandising and others.

Economic colleges, management schools or business schools offer stand-alone retail management degrees, or offer Masters in Management (MiM) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with concentration tracks in retail management. Students will learn management models and practices, in addition to relevant marketing strategies. They will also acquire leadership, communication and decision-making skills.

Graduates in the filed can work as managers of hotels, catering, food and beverages companies, travel agencies, and franchise chains among many others. Examples of professional positions include purchasing manager, logistics and distribution manager, personnel manager, merchandise planner, store director or division merchandising manager.

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Short Course Retail Display and Design

This comprehensive Retail Display and Design course at the University of the Arts London explores the ways in which brands engage with their customers through visual communication in spatial environments. You will be introduced to the creative process and fundamental principles of design for windows, retail environments and events by responding to a series of set briefs. 

United Kingdom
ICI Diploma Retail Management

There are certain skills you need to manage a retail outlet. The Retail Management course taught at International Career Institute (ICI) is designed in conjunction with major retailers and helps you learn the skills you need quickly and conveniently.

ICI Diploma Sales

Learn the secrets on how to open and close a sale effectively with an unusually high close rate withing the Sales course delivered by International Career Institute (ICI).