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Transport management, also referred to as transportation and logistics management, studies the processes involved in the planning and coordination of delivering persons or goods from one place to another. Transportation managers are responsible for the complete reception and effective shipment of cargos for a trading company. They also deal with the safe and reliable transportation of passengers, as well as developing shipment relationships and partnerships.

Students can enrol in transportation management degrees or business administration studies (BBAs or MBAs) with specialisations in logistics and transport. During courses, students learn to master transportation management system (TMS) and other strategic business tools. In addition, they develop transferable skills such as critical thinking and analysis, a solution-oriented mind-set, efficient communication and negotiation abilities.

Graduates of Masters in transportation management typically work in international trading and commerce, in passenger transport companies on road, rail, air or sea. They also operate in the construction industry, national or local administration, travel agencies, supermarket chains, manufacturing companies, and many more. Some clients prefer outsourcing logistics to experts, so transportation managers can also practice in special consultancy firms.

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United States
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