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Transport Management is the study of the processes and systems used to safely deliver passengers and goods from one location to another. It deals with transport management systems (TMS) and transport infrastructures to maintain a tight delivery schedule. Transport Management also examines the major environmental, operational, and economic problems affecting the transport and distribution industries.

Transport Management seeks to answer questions like: How to create transport systems and infrastructure that are safe and reliable for both cargo and workers? Which are the best and most effective time and project management tools? How to oversee the entire transport system, including the financial, social, and political aspects?

Students can choose between a general Transport Management degree or branches like Aviation Management, Marine or Maritime Transportation, Port Management, and others.

A typical Transport Management curriculum includes subjects like Financial Accounting, Business Statistics, Transport Geography, Logistics Systems, Export Trade Law, Global Transport Systems, Supply Chain Modelling, International Trade, Service Operations and Organisation, etc.

Transport Management graduates typically work in international trading and commerce, in passenger transport companies on road, rail, air or sea. They also operate in the construction industry, national or local administration, travel agencies, supermarket chains, manufacturing companies, and many more. Some clients prefer outsourcing logistics to experts, so transportation managers can also practice in special consultancy firms.

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