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Accountaning is the process of communicating financial information about a business entity to relevant users or entities such as potential shareholders, creditors (including banks or vendors), financial analysts, economists, and government agencies. Accounting can be divided into two major fields: management accounting and financial accounting. Management accounting concentrates on reporting to people inside the business entity and provides information to employees, managers, owner-managers and auditors. The main goal is to provide the management with a basis for making major decisions related to management and operations.

One of the vital skills of an accountant is to select relevant information for the audience and communicate financial statements clearly. A career in accounting requires an aptitude for mathematics and the ability to analyse, compare and interpret facts and figures quickly.

A Bachelor or Master degree in accounting equips students with skills like: numerical and logical thinking, attention to details and analytical thinking required for manipulating and organising a significant amount of financial data.

Accounting graduates choose from career options such as: accountant, payroll clerk, economist, tax adviser, management consultant, retail banker, auditor, treasury analyst, cost estimator, anti-money laundering specialist, chief financial officer.

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Suggested Short Courses in Accounting

Short Course Financial Accounting

The Financial Accounting programme is offered The Open University UK is for you if you want a route into the accountancy profession or need to gain fundamental accounting skills for a management or other role. 

United Kingdom
Diploma or Adv. Dip. Bookkeeping

There are certain skills you need to become a successful bookkeeper. The International Career Institute (ICI) Bookkeeping program designed in conjunction with the federal government and bookkeeping industry helps you learn them quickly and conveniently.


Top Ranked Universities in Accounting on ShortCoursesPortal

Universities Location QS Rankings (2018) Accounting and Finance
Cambridge, United States 1
Cambridge, United States 2
Stanford, United States 3
Oxford, United Kingdom 4
London, United Kingdom 5
Philadelphia, United States 6
Chicago, United States 7
Berkeley, United States 8
Cambridge, United Kingdom 9
New York City, United States 10
Sydney, Australia 11
London, United Kingdom 12
New York City, United States 13
Melbourne, Australia 14
New Haven, United States 14
Los Angeles, United States 16
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 17
Singapore, Singapore 18
Manchester, United Kingdom 19
Sydney, Australia 20
Singapore, Singapore 21
Princeton, United States 22
Canberra, Australia 23
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 23
Ithaca, United States 25
Melbourne, Australia 26
Ann Arbor, United States 26
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 28
Toronto, Canada 28
Beijing, China 30
Austin, United States 31
Coventry, United Kingdom 32
Milano, Italy 33
Evanston, United States 34
Vancouver, Canada 34
Durham, United States 36
Auckland, New Zealand 37
London, United Kingdom 38
Jouy-en-Josas, France 39
Beijing, China 39
Brisbane, Australia 39
Fontainebleau, France 42
Seoul, South Korea 43
Tokyo, Japan 44
Copenhagen, Denmark 45
Urbana, United States 45
Seoul, South Korea 47
Edinburgh, United Kingdom 48
Kowloon, Hong Kong (SAR) 49
Pamplona, Spain 50
Helsinki, Finland 101
Aarhus, Denmark 101
Auckland, New Zealand 101
Newton, United States 101
Bangkok, Thailand 101
Burwood, Australia 101
Durham, United Kingdom 101
Atlanta, United States 101
Tokyo, Japan 101
Mitte, Germany 101
Lund, Sweden 101
Maastricht, Netherlands 101
Palmerston North, New Zealand 101
Taipei, Taiwan 101
Moscow, Russia 101
Oxford, United Kingdom 101
Kingston, Canada 101
Brisbane, Australia 101
Melbourne, Australia 101
München, Germany 101
Monterrey, Mexico 101
Exeter, United Kingdom 101
Hamilton, New Zealand 101
Lisbon, Portugal 101
Paris, France 101
Frankfurt am Main, Germany 101
Tucson, United States 101
Barcelona, Spain 101
Bristol, United Kingdom 101
Davis, United States 101
Christchurch, New Zealand 101
Gainesville, United States 101
Groningen, Netherlands 101
Lausanne, Switzerland 101
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 101
College Park, United States 101
Minneapolis, United States 101
Nottingham, United Kingdom 101
Dunedin, New Zealand 101
Adelaide, Australia 101
St Andrews, United Kingdom 101
Waterloo, Canada 101
Zürich (Kreis 1), Switzerland 101
Paris, France 101
Tokyo, Japan 101
Vienna, Austria 101
Toronto, Canada 101
Hangzhou, China 101
Washington, D. C., United States 151
Tempe Junction, United States 151
Birmingham, United Kingdom 151
Athens, Greece 151
Alcobendas, Spain 151
Provo, United States 151
Montreal West, Canada 151
Bentley, Australia 151
Washington, D. C., United States 151
Washington, D. C., United States 151
Seoul, South Korea 151
Baltimore, United States 151
Tokyo, Japan 151
Seoul, South Korea 151
Melbourne, Australia 151
Nanjing, China 151
Tainan, Taiwan 151
Hsinchu, Taiwan 151
Osaka-shi, Japan 151
Barcelona, Spain 151
Beijing, China 151
Houston, United States 151
Shanghai, China 151
Stockholm, Sweden 151
New York City, United States 151
Madrid, Spain 151
Milano, Italy 151
Kampung Baru Subang, Malaysia 151
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 151
Kuala Kedah, Malaysia 151
Dublin, Ireland 151
Aberdeen, United Kingdom 151
Bath, United Kingdom 151
Köln, Germany 151
Jakarta, Indonesia 151
Leeds, United Kingdom 151
South Bend, United States 151
Padua, Italy 151
Pittsburgh, United States 151
Pretoria, South Africa 151
Reading, United Kingdom 151
Southampton, United Kingdom 151
Glasgow, United Kingdom 151
Richardson, United States 151
Charlottesville, United States 151
Wollongong, Australia 151
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 151
Amsterdam, Netherlands 151
Saint Louis, United States 151
Vallendar, Germany 151
Bologna, Italy 51
Boston, United States 51
Cardiff, United Kingdom 51
Madrid, Spain 51
Pittsburgh, United States 51
London, United Kingdom 51
Rotterdam, Netherlands 51
Cergy-Pontoise, France 51
Zürich, Switzerland 51
Shanghai, China 51
Atlanta, United States 51
Bloomington, United States 51
Daejeon, South Korea 51
Leuven, Belgium 51
Lancaster, United Kingdom 51
Sydney, Australia 51
Montréal, Canada 51
East Lansing, United States 51
Taipei, Taiwan 51
Columbus, United States 51
University Park, United States 51
West Lafayette, United States 51
Shanghai, China 51
Singapore, Singapore 51
Stockholm, Sweden 51
Seoul, South Korea 51
College Station, United States 51
Kowloon, Hong Kong (SAR) 51
Perth, Australia 51
Tilburg, Netherlands 51
London, United Kingdom 51
Adelaide, Australia 51
Edmonton, Canada 51
Amsterdam, Netherlands 51
Birmingham, United Kingdom 51
San Diego, United States 51
Santiago, Chile 51
Glasgow, United Kingdom 51
Mannheim, Germany 51
Montréal, Canada 51
Chapel Hill, United States 51
Rochester, United States 51
São Paulo, Brazil 51
Los Angeles, United States 51
St. Gallen, Switzerland 51
Sydney, Australia 51
Seattle, United States 51
London, Canada 51
Madison, United States 51
Wellington, New Zealand 51
Seoul, South Korea 51