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What is Financial Technology?

A degree in Financial Technology (FinTech) combines the fields of Finance and Technology to explore tech-driven ways to improve the financial industry. You will learn to use technology, data analytics, software and other digital tools to improve services related to banking, paying bills or money transfers.

Financial Technology specialisations

FinTech already is a specialised field: Technology in the service of Finances. However, like everything Tech-related, it becomes more complex by the day. Specialising within this field means focusing on particular areas like:

  • Blockchain technology;
  • Data Analytics;
  • Financial risk management;
  • Digital banking;
  • Machine learning and AI.

What will you learn during a Financial Technology programme

While studying for a Financial Technology (FinTech) degree, you will fully understand how finance and technology work together. During the programme, you'll learn a range of skills to excel in the industry. If you're wondering why Financial Technology is a good degree, here's what you'll gain:

  • you'll be up to date with the latest changes in financial systems and digital tools;
  • skills in programming and management;
  • skills in analysing large sets of data with tools like Excel or Python;
  • knowledge of relevant programming languages;
  • understanding of cybersecurity threats.

Common courses include:

  • What Is Algorithmic Trading, about automated trading set up with the help of algorithms and computers;
  • Cybersecurity, which teaches you about privacy regulations, encryption techniques, and how to secure data storage;
  • Financial Risk Management, where you learn how to protect the economic value of a company;
  • Financial Modelling, which teaches you to build mathematical representations of financial situations;
  • International Banking Law, particularly relevant in the globalised world of today.

You will also have the chance to apply your knowledge through real-world case studies and hands-on projects. Eventually, you will be able to solve financial problems with technological solutions.

Skills required to study Financial Technology

To excel at your Financial Technology degree, you must, first of all, love tech. You need to be good with programming languages, data analysis, and financial modelling, all of which are among the Financial Technology degree requirements. Additionally, strong problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and a head for business are useful for understanding financial challenges and coming up with effective tech-driven solutions.

What can you do with a Degree in Financial Technology?

The FinTech sector offers several rewarding career opportunities, such as:

  • Financial data analyst;
  • Blockchain developer;
  • Digital product manager;
  • Risk management specialist;
  • Cybersecurity consultant.

These are just some of the jobs you can get with a Financial Technology degree which will allow you to make technological improvements in finance and have a significant impact in this industry.

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