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Marketing teaches you how to create and implement advertising and promotional strategies in order to sell products and services. Effective Marketing strategies address the right people and turn them into loyal customers who will return for future services and who will recommend your services. Since word of mouth can be one of the best marketing tools, Marketing offers solutions to implement successful marketing campaigns and create a positive brand image for the organisation you represent.

Marketing blends theories of Finance, Business Management, Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour. During Marketing courses, you will learn how to promote products or services in a way that leads to increased sale revenues.

Marketing students will develop technical and analytical skills, but they will also learn how to be great storytellers. You will discover how to create advertising campaigns, focusing on the four golden concepts of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion.

Marketing is also a great discipline if you want to learn how to identify your target audience or target market. Keep in mind that creating a great strategy isn't enough, you'll also need to know how to share it efficiently in order to reach the target audience. After running your marketing campaigns, it will also be your job to gather the resulting data and analyse the results of the campaign in order to improve and learn from it.

Students who graduate with degrees in Marketing enjoy successful careers as: market researchers, advertising account executives, media planners, public relations officers, social media managers and many others.

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