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Technology management deals with the design, development, operation and use of technological products and services to help increase efficiency and deliver value to an organisation. Technology management is closely related to other disciplines such as business intelligence and analytics, IT, user experience design, innovation management and strategic management.

Technology managers have the responsibility to implement and maintain the technological infrastructure of hardware devices, software programmes, networks and communication systems. They also develop creative solutions to business and technology issues, offer specialised IT support and play an important role in the overall decision process within companies.

Many business colleges offer Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with concentrations in information technology management, while polytechnic schools and engineering departments offer various study options in engineering and technology management. Specialisations of Masters in Technology Management include system and network security, data management, system administration, software development, information management, and more. Study courses typically combine information technology knowledge with business management skills.

Career prospects for graduates include job titles such as IT analyst, network administrator, business information manager, IT director, e-business developer and others. Professionals operate in various areas including network technology, internet services, cyber security, system development, technical sales, or IT consulting.

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Short Course Information Design

The Information Design summer school at Simplification Centre will be the fifth we’ve run, and this year we’re adding an advanced group for returning participants. Quite a few people have said they’d like to come back so we’re creating a new parallel programme for them. And there will be other events during the week, including the UK showing of the IIID Awards winners.

United Kingdom
Certificate Software Product Management Capstone

This Software Product Management Capstone Course offered by Coursera in partnership with University of Alberta is part of Software Product Management Specialization.

United States
Certificate Shopify Power - Build An Ecommerce Website Using Shopify

Get Up to 90% Off! The Shopify Power: Build An Ecommerce Website Using Shopify course offered by Udemy includes analysis, opinions, techniques, short-cuts, and tips from the instructor that you won't find on the help pages of Shopify, or in other Udemy courses. It also includes  step-by-step site build demonstration section. 

United States