Top reasons to study here

  • The Institute allows you to study at home or at work and achieve success in getting the job you want.
  • No schedules to try to fit into your lifestyle – you choose when you want to study and submit assignments.
  • Learn valuable career skills. We give you the skills you need to perform your new career.

Short Courses

Education & Training (4)
Journalism & Media (3)
Agriculture & Forestry (2)
Humanities (2)
Computer Science & IT (1)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)



The International Career Institute (ICI) is an independent and private provider of online education.

ICI students are given skills that will change their employment prospects and increase their value to employers. The Institute listens to employers via its strong links to industry.

ICI currently offers over 50 exciting career and lifestyle focused courses to a broad range of adult learners regardless of location or prior experience and education.k.


ICI offers the training you need for a new career, higher pay, or a promotion. We have many different programs, so you’re sure to find one that fits your interests.

Upon completing your career training the Institute gives you access to a whole range of FREE career services. The services are designed to help you find employment or even start your own business.


Student services

Upon completion of your course we provide graduates with employment assistance. This facilitates support in the way of resume assistance, job searches, interview preparation and career counselling and advice.


ICI is accredited and recognised by the International Association of Private Career Colleges. IAPCC accreditation ensures that the Institute has met IAPCC benchmarks in the areas of course content, course delivery, student assessments, administration and the tutorial faculty.

ICI is accredited and recognised by the International Accreditation and Recognition Council. IARC is a system that provides recognition, approval and endorsement of institutions provided they meet and satisfy a set of academic, ethical and operational standards.

London, England, United Kingdom