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Biotechnology refers to various techniques and technologies used in the bio-industrial production or bio-genetic controlled processes involving vegetal, animal or human organisms. Genetic manipulation is the most common form of using living organisms and bimolecular processes for the creation or modification of the physical properties of various types of products. Example of biotech products or practices include antibiotics, biofuels and genetically modified foods. An important medical application of biotechnology includes genetic processes that lead to organ regeneration.

Biotechnology contributes to developments in areas like agriculture, food production and security, climate control and medicine. Biotechnology can also help with solving some of the most pressing environmental issues, like oil spills, pesticide side effects or polluted water, contributing to the health of the natural environment.

Masters in Biotechnology include blended curricula with a mixture of lectures in biology, chemistry and mathematics, combined with laboratory work, computer applications and research and even ethical case studies. Biotechnology degrees provide solid grounding in biochemistry, molecular biology, genomic, bioinformatics, drug design and development, nanotechnology or innovation management, as well as in-depth IT skills.

Biotechnology graduates develop careers in a wide range of fields such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and environmental industries, in genetics and regenerative medicine, in process control, or in research and development. Example roles include bio-informatician, biophysicist, quality control analyst, biomedical engineer, pharmaceutical sales representative, or crime lab technician.

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Suggested Short Courses in Biotechnology

Certificate Genetics: Working with DNA?

The Genetics: Working with DNA? course is offered at Istanbul Aydin Summer School of Istanbul Aydin University. Genetics as one of the exciting fields of science plays an important role in studies regarding the mechanisms of unknown reasons of several diseases.

Certificate 3D Printing and Biofabrication

The 3D Printing and Biofabrication course is offered at Utrecht Summer School. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) uses a layer-by-layer principle for manufacturing. This one-week course will provide insight in the opportunities of additive manufacturing technologies and 3D printing in biomedical applications. It will provide the basics of 3D printing, including a workshop. In addition, it will also provide insight in the challenges encountered when translating 3D printing to biofabrication.

Short Course Options in Biotechnology

Harvard Summer School offers several open-enrollment courses, specialized in Biotechnology, such as ''Proseminar: Graduate Research Methods'' and ''Scholarly Writing in Biotechnology''.

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