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The broad field of business and management includes all the disciplines that deal with the organisation and coordination of enterprises that deal with products and services traded for profit. Business and management activities aim at accomplishing specific organisational goals, increasing the capital of the company and its overall efficiency.
Business and management involves many economic activities such as accounting, agribusiness and auditing. It also comprises all the managerial areas that fall under the business administration field such as commerce, marketing, logistics and supply chain management, public administration, or human resource management.
Business colleges and schools typically offer highly specialised study programmes in business and management. Examples include internationally recognised degrees such as Master in Business Administration (MBA) or Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), which usually require some work experience. Other courses include Masters in Management (MiM) and a wide range of specialisations in retail management, business intelligence and analytics, corporate communication, taxation or technology management.
Programmes focus on theoretical knowledge, but also on real-case examples, seminar debates and the development of practical skills. Graduates acquire an in-depth understanding of business challenges and issues, learn to use effective leadership methods and to apply economic principles in various work settings.
Graduates in one of the business and management disciplines may pursue careers as entrepreneurs, forensic accountants, project managers, bankers, international business specialists, and more.

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Suggested Short Courses Programmes

Management Certificate Management
  • Feb 2016
  • National $ 1,800 per year
  • International $ 1,800 per year
  • 12 months

Open School of Management offers a personalized and flexible online and distance course leading to a Certificate in Management according to ISCED Level 4.

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MiniMBA Short Course MiniMBA
  • Jun 2016
  • Nov 2016
  • EEA £ 2,000 per week
  • Non-EEA £ 2,000 per week
  • 4 days

The 4 day-long miniMBA programme focuses around gaining the confidence, competence and skills to succeed in managerial positions. The programme will incorporate lectures, presentations, practical team workshops, role playing and case studies specific to the telecommunications industry. Delegates will also have a unique opportunity to network with local business leaders and update your existing insights and techniques.

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Neubauer American Spring Semester - Entrepreneurship Short Course Neubauer American Spring Semester - Entrepreneurship
  • Mar 2016
  • National $ 9,000 per year
  • International $ 9,000 per year
  • 5 months

Neubauer American Spring Semester in Entrepreneurship is tailored for high-tech minded individuals who are interested in developing ideas into a business plan or start-up. Students will learn about the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem and take introductory courses in entrepreneurship and innovation, finance and marketing for high-tech start-ups, and they will work on a cumulative project that puts their knowledge into action. The semester begins with a 3-Day Start-up Boot Camp. Related internship opportunities are also offered through this program. More details are provided in the program description.

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Advanced Management Program: the Global Experience Short Course Advanced Management Program: the Global Experience
  • Oct 2016
  • National $ 48,000 per module
  • International $ 48,000 per module
  • 12 days

Kellogg offers the same core leadership content for senior executives as our Advanced Management Program: Intensive in a modular format that includes an additional week of programming. This breakthrough course design provides an unparalleled experiential global week of learning in select markets around the world.

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Fashion & Luxury Goods Management Certificate Fashion & Luxury Goods Management
  • Jan 2016
  • Apr 2016
  • May 2016
  • Sep 2016
  • EEA € 4,500 per module
  • Non-EEA € 4,500 per module
  • 3 months

ESE’s short course in Fashion & Luxury Goods Management is an intensive 3-month part-time certificate course. The professional programme focuses on specific aspects of Fashion and Luxury Goods related disciplines such as fashion research, marketing, trend forecasting, luxury goods management, brand management and retail management.

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Business Communication and Social Media Session Certificate Business Communication and Social Media Session
  • Aug 2016
  • EEA £ 575 per week
  • Non-EEA £ 575 per week
  • National £ 575 per week
  • International £ 575 per week
  • 14 days

Social media are becoming ever more popular, and recent studies demonstrate their importance as platforms capable of contributing to the increased corporate transparency of international companies, which is now accepted to be one of the key factors for future economic stability.

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The Summer School “The Demidov Express” Short Course The Summer School “The Demidov Express”
  • Jul 2016
  • EEA € 500 per module
  • Non-EEA € 500 per module
  • 21 days

We live in an era of great discoveries and great changes. Therefore, to gain success we need the knowledge, proactive attitude and ability to adequately evaluate and analyze what is happening around us. Within the framework of The Global Education Initiative BRICS Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russia) and the Higher School of Economics (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) invite foreign students to join the Summer program “The Demidov Express”.

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Managing Innovations Short Course Managing Innovations
  • Feb 2016
  • EEA € 299 per module
  • Non-EEA € 299 per module
  • 3 months

Professionals of different areas are increasingly required either to manage innovation or participate as an implementation team member. The ‘innovation focus’ may be concerned with design and delivery of new products, changes in industry, services provision, teaching, training, education, etc.

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Accelerating Sales Force Performance Short Course Accelerating Sales Force Performance
  • Apr 2016
  • Oct 2016
  • Nov 2016
  • National $ 8,500 per module
  • International $ 8,500 per module
  • 4 days

Intensely focused on the practical application of proven principles, this program immerses you in a collaborative, highly interactive learning environment. With the guidance of seasoned faculty, you and your fellow participants will tackle some of the most challenging issues related to sales force design, deployment, talent management, compensation and effectiveness.

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Accounting Certificate Accounting
  • Dec 2015
  • International AUD 4,000 per semester
  • 24 months

When you study one of our Accounting courses, you’re doing more than getting relevant and up-to-date training; you’re making a serious investment in your career. Developed in consultation with key industry partners, our courses can assist you in acquiring the knowledge and skills you need to launch or advance your career.

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The human resource professional Short Course The human resource professional
  • Nov 2016
  • EEA £ 2,044 per module
  • Non-EEA £ 2,044 per module
  • 6 months

This module will consider the role and contribution of the HR professional and will provide opportunities for students to examine and develop their own skills for this role. Topics covered will include an introduction to human resource management, managing performance, leadership and change management, and the nature of professionalism and ethics. Students will also develop the skills needed to work effectively as an HR professional. These include self-management, leading and working in teams, communication skills, using ICT and managing financial resources.

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Corporate finance Short Course Corporate finance
  • May 2016
  • EEA £ 1,944 per module
  • Non-EEA £ 1,944 per module
  • 6 months

Middle and senior managers meet a multiplicity of financial problems in their organisations. This module will help you develop your knowledge of this area. It introduces finance problems that organisations face at board level, and equips you with the fundamentals of corporate financial theory enabling you to challenge finance experts. You will learn how to tackle the main financial problems you are likely to encounter, in particular, how best to finance a company, what dividend policy to choose, how to appraise both public and private sector projects, and how to value a company for takeover or flotation.

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