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Economics is a science that was born in the Ancient Greece and developed into a complex study of financial entities. The objects of study are economic agents and their particular activity, as well as their evolution. Microeconomics, the field that studies the basic elements of the markets, including agents, while macroeconomics focuses on the entire economy and the factors that affect it. Microeconomics and macroeconomics are the two main sub-disciplines of economy.

Business schools and universities provide in depth degrees in economics at all degree levels. Students who enrol in a Master degree in economy have the chance to identify all factors that influence the financial world and to also specialize in one of the field that economics applies to, such as education, law, social institutions, science and others.

After they earn a Master’s degree in economics, graduates find employment as accountants, financial risk analysts, economists or financial specialists in all companies of the market, regardless of their activity field.

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Suggested Short Courses in Economics

Short Course Modular Foundation

The Modular Foundation offered by The University of Exeter is a short programme for those who wish to experience life as an international student at the University of Exeter where you will improve your study skills and knowledge in a subject related to your academic interests.

INTO University of Exeter
Short Course Global Economic Issues

Does minimum wage legislation lead to job losses? Was the United States justified in its protection of its steel industry through high import tariffs? Should the EU protect its footwear producers from Chinese exports? This module enables you to analyse these types of public policy questions in an international context. You will learn how to research, debate issues and present work.

International Summer School
Certificate Financial Law and Economics: the (Next) Financial Crisis and Europe

This "Financial Law and Economics: the (Next) Financial Crisis and Europe" course at Utrecht Summer School not only deals with the effects of Financial Crisis, the Eurocrisis and Brexit on the global economy and Europe and on European Financial and Securities Law but also discusses the risks of a next financial crisis sparked by the Brexit and the weak financial position of several Italian banks and Deutsche bank.

Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance (UU)