Short Courses in Social Sciences

Suggested Short Courses in Social Sciences

Short Course Language, Culture and Society

The aim of this Language, culture and society course from the University of Bergen is to discuss the role of language and language-use in a series of societal challenges and in various cultural contexts.

Short Course Northumbria International Summer School: Culture and Heritage in Britain

This Northumbria International Summer School: Culture and Heritage in Britain module at Northumbria University introduces students to the concepts, histories, debates, controversies and critiques of Culture and Heritage in Britain. The module will introduce and explore ideas of culture and heritage and provides a pratical approach to understanding historic places, spaces, artefacts, monuments (tangible Cultural Heritage) and festivals, events, traditional crafts, folklore (intangible Cultural Heritage).

Northumbria International Summer School


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Social sciences are scholarly disciplines studying human society and individual relationships in and to society. The field includes study areas such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics, political science and history. Social science research is often eclectic; therefore practitioners use various methodologies combining quantitative and qualitative research techniques. Even though they are closely linked to humanities, social sciences differ from the latter with their use of scientific research methodologies in the inquiries about human society.

Studies in social sciences equip students with cross-cultural awareness, social research skills, critical thinking and communication skills. Many Masters in Social Science provide knowledge and skills on how to identify and analyze social concerns, and develop positions and proposals on social issues. Students examine historical and contemporary problems and gets involved in intellectual debates to flourish. They are encouraged to question and challenge assumptions to comprehend the world we live in more deeply. Specialized degrees in economics, psychology, humanities, geography and other social sciences stimulate students' intellectual curiosity and allow them to broaden their perspective.

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