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Computer science and IT studies processes of computers and computational systems. Students gain knowledge about computation, software, hardware and computer systems, in computers science degrees combining theoretical and practical approaches. Unlike computer engineers, computer scientists deal with creating software using certain principles of theory, design, development, and application. Future IT specialists apply mathematical knowledge and analyse algorithms to solve diverse problems and optimise performance of computer software. Bachelor’s students in computer science learn about how computers are built, the principles behind operating systems, familiarise themselves with classic algorithms and learn to design their own.

Technical universities worldwide offers diverse Masters in Computer Science and IT including a broad range of specialisations such as: artificial intelligence, computer networks, IT security, information databases, web technologies, human-computer interaction, graphics and multimedia, programming languages, bioinformatics, software engineering, and more.

Graduates of computer science and IT degrees are in high demand on the global job market, and can work in fields related to: manufacturing of information systems, maintenance and sales, software and hardware development, e-business, telecommunication networks expertise. Find well-paid jobs as database administrator, game developer, IT consultant, systems analyst, web designer, and more.

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Suggested Short Courses in Computer Science & IT

Short Course Exploring Cultural Big Data – Combining arts, ethnography, and data analytics

In technical terms Cultural Big Data can be seen as both structured statistical data, semistructured data retrievable from e.g. open data in municipalities and cultural institutions, and data generated by users and audience on social media or through sensor rich environments. The Exploring Cultural Big Data – Combining arts, ethnography, and data analytics course is offered at Aarhus University.

AU Summer University
Short Course Digital Business Innovation and Social Media

The Digital Business Innovation and Social Media course from Aarhus University aims to introduce a broad theoretical framework, explaining the current context in which business innovation is related to Information and Communication Technology.

AU Summer University
Certificate Digital Signal Processing

The short course in digital signal processing includes fundamentals and classification schemes in computing architectures. Furthermore an Introduction to DSPs, ASIPs, FPGAs and heterogeneous architectures will given. The module is connected to system on chip design and IP based technologies and treats topics regarding HW-/SW-partitioning technologies. The Digital Signal Processing course is offered at Hector School of Engineering & Management.

Certificate Advanced Course on Using Mplus

If you already know how to analyze your data in Mplus, but want to learn more about what you are actually doing, or if you want to know more about complex analyses, this Advanced Course on Using Mplus programme at Utrecht Summer School is for you. The course consists of in-depth lectures on the fundamentals of Mplus and advanced longitudinal models.

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (UU)